Top 4 Travel Tips For A Vacation In South Africa

11 May 2017
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There's nothing more exciting than planning an African safari vacation. You'll be able to enjoy spending time in nature and seeing a variety of wild animals up close and personal. Whether you're taking a trip with family or friends, there are a few travel tips you'll want to make note of before you hop on the plane. These tips will help you have a safe and memorable trip that you can look back on fondly for years to come.  


It's a good idea to visit your primary care physician and review your vaccination history to ensure you are current on all of your immunizations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all who plan on taking a vacation to South Africa vaccinate against hepatitis A and typhoid in addition to their routine vaccinations. The organization also suggests some travelers consider yellow fever, rabies, and hepatitis B vaccines, as well as malaria pills. Although these are not required, your doctor will be able to determine if you would benefit from these additional treatments. 

Pack According to the Season

Interestingly, South Africa experiences their summer season between mid-October and mid-February. If visiting during these months, you'll want to pack comfortable light clothing pieces and plenty of sunscreen. Sunglasses and hats are a great idea, as well as an umbrella due to the common afternoon thunderstorms that occur during this season. The rest of the year is characterized by warm weather, however, it is a good idea to pack long shirts and long pants to wear in the evening to protect your skin from mosquitoes. 

Take Care When Choosing Which Electronics to Bring

Even though some South African hotels have outlets that will work with your electronics, you may end up in a hotel that doesn't. Make sure you pack a USB universal travel adapter so that you can keep things like your cell phone and digital camera charged. If your camera has the option of running on batteries, bring a few extra. Also, don't forget to pick up a memory card with plenty of storage, as you'll most likely take a lot of pictures. Finally, binoculars are a must-have item for anyone who signs up for a safari excursion. 

Pay Attention to Exchange Rates

When visiting South Africa, you'll have the option to pay with either your debit/credit card or with Rand (South Africa's currency). If using your cards, you'll need to call the number on each card before you leave and let them know you'll be making out-of-country purchases. If using cash, you'll need to pay attention to the exchange rates. These fluctuate so it is always best to check back once it gets closer to your departure date. For example, during the year of 2016, 1 USD equaled between 12.40262 and 15.89860 Rand.  

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