The Benefits Of Using An International Travel Booking Agent

17 May 2017
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You may think that booking your international travel through an international travel booking agent is expensive. Actually, it is not. Many travel agents only make a very tiny premium off of booking your trip, and many other agencies pay their agents by the hour and not by the number of trips booked. That said, there are some fantastic benefits to booking your next international trip with an agent.

1. The Agent Does All the Legwork

You could spend literally hours online trying to find the best prices for hotels, cars, flights, and even tourist attractions. Most people would need a vacation from work just to plan a vacation from work elsewhere. If you book your trip through a travel agent, the agent does all of that legwork for you. He or she already knows what the best flights, hotels, and rental cars are, as well as some sites and tour packages that may be perfect for you.

2. Big Discounts for Package Deals

Hotels that are located close to popular tourist attractions often arrange special deals with those attractions. These specials are exclusive between the hotels and attractions, which you cannot get by staying anywhere else. For example, if you wanted to visit EuroDisney in France, your travel agent will know exactly which hotels offer a park ticket and guest stay package deal that other visitors to the park do not get. These aren't the advertised deals you see online or on TV either, so the only way you can get these deals is through an agent. 

3. Helpful Hints and Reminders

Travel agents often take their own trips to fun or exotic locations. They are a wealth of information that you should tap before you take a trip. They can also supply you with lots of helpful hints for the country or countries to which you are traveling, including local customs and fitting in with the citizens there. The agent will provide you with trip reminders and payment reminders too, so you'll be completely paid up and ready to depart when the time comes.

4. Payment Plans

Perhaps one of the best benefits of all when you book any sort of travel through a travel agent is the payment plan. Rarely do people have the full amount for a trip up front. They might have a third to a half of the total cost of the trip. The rest they can pay in chunks to the travel agent as the money becomes available.